November 3, 2014

Inspired. Awe. Giddy

This weekend I had the pleasure to fly to NYC to cheer on two of my friends while they ran the NYC marathon.  I stood in the blistering cold for 5 hours and I have to say the energy of the runners, the love of the families out there cheering made me warm – my toes were numb but my heart was so warm.  I was touched by the person who ran with no legs, the runners who were blind and those that didn’t have any legs.  Their strength and tenacity reminded me that each of us have our own strength –  it is how we decide to use it that separates the heroes and the average person.

I screamed for 5 hours, cheering every Jennifer, Bob, Matt and Melissa.  There were the runners that smiled everytime they heard their name and you can tell it were these moments when they realized all their training was worth it.  Every charity runner made me so proud from the Dystonia runners, to Team Fox and all the other charity runners out there – your bibs helped spread awareness.  I am still giddy high five-ing all those runners, just like those random strangers have done for me in the past.  I realized in that moment that helping others, showing my love for complete strangers when they least expect it makes me feel special.

The energy of that race is infectious.  It truly is a NYC special, one that I may have to think about doing in 2015…2014 was a slow year with 2 surgeries but already thinking of throwing back on that Bib and continue to spread awareness for Dystonia.  Quite frankly, it isn’t the time that matters, it is the strength and the heart of the person to be courageous and make the disability be the wind at their back!


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