January 4, 2015

“Do Something that takes you out of your comfort zone” – Erica, Barry’s Instructor (1/4/2015)

Well I do something that scares me everyday, takes me out of my comfort zone yet makes me realize I am lucky, I am grateful.  The crew below scares me every day…Everyday I wake up with doubt, can I do this? can I really do bootcamp? but in 2014 everyone in the picture below made me realize despite Dystonia, despite having a neurological disease I can run on that treadmill.

Everyday for 25 minutes a day I am scared my shaky legs will fail me and that I will fall off everyday.  Everyday I am nervous I will lunge and fall over, yet everyday when I look up and I see one of the instructors below glance at me with a smile or say go carrie, I realize I did it – I overcame my fear.  So 2015 is all about living outside my comfort zone, having the right people on my team and realizing in this 9th year of being able to walk, I am still the luckiest person I know.  Everyday going to Barry’s, going for a run, or just working out is a miracle, so that’s my motivation, accepting my miracle, getting scared and knowing if I fall, I can get back up and get on the treadmill.

Be scared everyday.  Dystonia is scary, having a disease is scary, realizing that I should be in a wheelchair everyday scares me, so today when I teared up as Erica said do something out of your comfort zone, I realize I do every day and for that I am certain.  To being present in the moment, appreciating every hill I climb because I can always say I went out there and climbed that hill.  I will never know what tomorrow brings today, so do something scary every day and be grateful you had the chance to do it.


Thanks Barry’s Crew – Love you!


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