January 23, 2015

“You are right where you should be”

Today in my afternoon run, I decided after 2 miles I didn’t want to run back, I wanted to walk.  Sometimes in all the training I do, I forget to stop running and just stop and realize this is exactly where I should be.  Slow it down, I told myself, these moments are too beautiful to run by.


We all need to take the time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.  Our past isn’t meant to be a reflection of our future, our past is meant to be a stepping stone to make us stronger for our future.  After many years of denying that I had a disease, that I am disabled, I finally realize I am right where I should be, where I need to be.  I can’t imagine a world of not appreciating every run for what it is, I can’t imagine my life without this blog,  On this journey called life, we can’t control the onset of a disease, the loss of a loved one or whatever is thrown in our path but I am realizing instead of ruining the beauty of today with tomorrow’s worry just remember you are right where you need to be.  Instead of worrying about my DBS or a battery replacement, I just enjoy everyday for what it brings, change is inevitable, how I handle that change is up to me.


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