August 29, 2015

It’s called a yoga “practice” for a reason!

2015 was all about conquering fears, being fab at 40 and just doing it!  My friend Stan took up yoga years ago and swears by it.  He always invites me and I am always like:

  1. Is he inviting me to be nice?
  2. Doesn’t he remember I have Dystonia and can’t balance?
  3. Why does he always ask me?

So even though we now live miles away, he sends me inspirational quotes every time he goes to his practice.  One Sunday, I decided I was going to try it again.  I called him and said Stan, I am going to try it and I am sure I am going to hate it.  He calmly said to me, they call it yoga “practice” for a reason.  Everyone in the room is in their own practice, at their own level.  My response “**crickets***, Oh!”  Then it all clicked, I can practice weekly to one day get into crow pose.  It won’t happen on day 1 but if I practice it will happen.

I am in the middle of my practice now, I haven’t quite gotten into crow pose, but I have lost the I can’ts and only see myself in the room practicing – just me and the teacher.  Yoga has been a great way to calm my nerves down and get my neuro system in check with my breath.  It’s been a journey which I wasn’t expecting and I am not giving up now.  There are times when I wobble and wan’t to give up but then I hear Stan in my ear – “Carrie, they call it practice for a reason” then I focus on my breathe and continue!


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