October 18, 2015

Carnival 2015 part 2!

As a Trinidadian, you are supposed to love Carnival and play mas, but for me Carnival is so much more than just the music and the masquerading.  For me, it is about living, moving and having me feet touch the ground every step I take.  I have always said after I had DBS I would play carnival, but finally it dawned on me why?  Because every step is so deliberate, it has to move to the beat of every different soca song and because it just makes me smile and remember that every year I masquerade is a year more I can move.

As fate would have it though, for Miami carnival my battery started to die but I swore that I wanted to play carnival with an amazing woman and friend that I played my very first carnival with..

early 80’s..


2015…still on my right side!


Despite, the lethargy and knowing that I was feeling crummy, I still woke up that day determined to enjoy every minute of the day.  And I did!  I had a solid crew of friends that day and how could I not be happy in that sea of color and music.  For a solid 5 hours, I enjoyed the day, reveled in the music and smiled with every step.  I live my life with music and dancing, those 2 ingredients are the special sauce to my life…as Machel would say, I am the happiest man alive! Thank you carnival for making me smile, for reminding me how every step is a journey and every wine is a dream come true!

The amazing crew of friends that made that day wonderful! Thank you Zhivanna for our first grown up carnival in a long time and many many more to come!



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