October 25, 2015

Life can’t be planned…it just happens…

As fate would have it, there was a 2 hour live DBS surgery on the National Geography channel.  The doctor said this isn’t a cure, its a therapy…I will always have dystonia, but DBS is my constant therapy…

He also said something which has been weighing on my mind recently that people with Parkinsons’, etc should exercise!  Recently, upon realizing I have to have another battery replacement, friends have been saying, maybe you workout too much…but what many don’t realize is that working out helps the brain…helps keep my brain as strong as it can be.  It also keeps my body, my muscles as strong as they can be.  As much as I weeble and wobble sometimes, I rarely fall, it’s because I am strong.  Working out is my way to go farther, be stronger, be braver.

So here we go my 5th battery replacement is this week and you know what I am so looking forward to this! The last month has been terribly hard, many side effects of a dying battery…but every morning I wake up knowing that this too shall pass.   So there are some side effects which I always forget about but I know that this down time has been good, giving my body a break which is always welcomed!

Here goes to another battery!  Another smooth surgery and a quicker recovery!


One thought on “October 25, 2015

  1. Your story is awesome! I really thought that I was alone with how I cope with Generalized Dystonia. I too have Generalized Dystonia and compete in Cross Country Events. Running, swimming and bicycling have been my only effective treatment to date.

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