January 13, 2016

Doing things I love best.

2015 was all about risk taking, doing things out of the ordinary. Being uncomfortable.

2016 is simple.  Be Happy.

Running makes me happy.

Over a year ago, I swore I wasn’t going to run again.  But over the course of 2015, I realized I missed one of the greatest miracles of my life – the ability to run.  For the last 10 years, I have been doing it all wrong.  I have been working out of my capabilities.  This year, I decided I would do it with my limitations and within my capabilities. I would run as someone who wants to do this forever.

How do you do that you ask? I decided I would really do the run/walk method.  Not run till I get tired but really maintain a schedule – one meant for my body.  So for my Disney Half, I decided I wanted to run it without pain and enjoy it.  Boy did I enjoy it.  Every minute of it.

I ran.  I cried.  I ran.  I cried again.  I cried because I was doing it. I was running at my pace.

I cried because I still remember that day almost 10 years ago when I realized I could run.  I was humbled, I was grateful, I was happy.

I was doing my 6th half marathon. I hi-fived anyone and everyone. I took pictures. I stretched. Hey, I am not qualifying for Boston so who cares about time.  I just wanted to do my best and get that medal.  Sure I was nervous 10 weeks ago when I had surgery, that I wouldn’t be able to do it…but I tried hard enough and knew that I could!  It was so fun, such a great way to start my 2016.  And what was even more priceless was having my entire family at my side for this one.  So what was my time?

Who cares, I finished!



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