May 23, 2016

Brooklyn Half 2016 – done and in the books!

I trained hard for this race, I didn’t rush my training in the end.  I paced the training – I ran, I lifted, I rowed, I did  yoga.  I had a squad of other caribbean women that reminded me to train daily and if one of us wasn’t in the mood, we encouraged each other to lace up and just run.  Get a squad they are the best to help you train and be focused!

I was ready. I went to bed at 9pm on Friday night, I laid everything out, I was prepared.

Saturday – I woke up at 5a.m., got ready, hopped on the train with 100s of other like minded people and jammed to some Beyonce…to calm the chatter, to stop with the I can’t and focus on being fierce and strong like some of the songs on Bey’s album.  I saw my friends pre-race and that was encouraging and calming to see the faces of my squad that also trained so hard!

GOAL: I set a goal for myself, I told myself if you can match your PR of 2:43 you are a winner, you would be so proud of yourself!

RESULT: I started off strong, but I held back. I didn’t go hard at the beginning.  I decided leave it to mile 11 and then go for it!  I had 3 different pace times on my devices and was so confused, so I just decided screw it, just run…net result- 2:30!!!  Not only did I PR but I drop my 2016 time by 21 minutes.  I will never win the race, but I know I am a runner!!!

All my dystonia friends, please set a goal, whether is a 1K or 50 steps and go for it! It’s not easy in the process, but the result with training is amazing!



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