July 11, 2016

Half Marathon #4 of 2016!

So I am ready and feeling great about my Chicago half this weekend!  I can’t believe it, in a week, I’ll have 4 halfs under my belt with 3 more to go!  I feel like I finally have the recipe right:

  1. Nutrition – I am eating way better than ever
  2. Sleep – I am sleeping 8 hours a night
  3. Run/Walk – I finally gave the run/walk method a shot and I am faster and quicker than ever
  4. Speed training
  5. Cross and Strength Training
  6. Rowing

I often get asked what do you think about on that long run? I honestly think about the next step.  I have to be thoughtful and deliberate for 25,000 steps.  If not I can fall, I can trip, my foot may invert.  For those 25,000 steps, I am thankful I got one foot on the floor and am getting ready for the next.  I think about every step. There have been times that I know my mind wants to freeze, but I tell myself you can do it…just keep moving…and I do…So when everyone talks about the proverbial wall, I hit that wall with every step and choose to break through it.

Training can often feel like a full time job but I know my ability to run is a gift.  A BIG gift – A MIRACLE!  DBS made me who I am today.  I have had emotional and physical ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade this miracle in for the world!  I would love to ask each and every one of you reading this blog to donate $10 to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.  Doing so, can create other miracles, bigger miracles than the ones that happen for me every weekend.  Please Donate here for me, for every child that dreamed of running and now has a chance to with research and science.  Thank you for reading and thank you for donating!





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