October 28, 2018

NYC, I see you!!

Here I am, embarking on the last week of my marathon training and can’t believe I am doing this, running the NYC marathon.  I have been dreaming about this week my entire life and never really thought it would be a reality.  So many emotions – fear, panic, joy, gratitude, hungry, sweaty, tired and again thankful.   I had been nervous to write about it here, only because my training wasn’t perfect, but is there really a perfect training plan?


My team left this on my door last Friday and did you know Manhattan was that big?!?!  I will finish, I feel good about this.  I am not going for a time, I am going for my bling.  I will cry, I will cry some more and at the finish line I will bawl.  I tear up even as I write this currently.  Ever since May 2016, I started to believe in miracles.  I learned dreams come true, it just may not happen per google calendar!


I am ready, my nails will remind me that I trained and as it says, keep calm and just run.

I am a dystonia runner, I am a soon to be 2-time marathoner!

All my gratitude,




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