October 7th…

Life beyond running..

You never know what life is going to bring you some days.  I had the opportunity to go away with 20 of my female classmates and came out stronger due to the experience.  My friend Maria, looked over and said Carrie do you want to go paddleboarding and I said sure, why not.  I didn’t think twice about dystonia or the balance that I would need or that you are navigating a board in the sea, I just said yes…Four of us went to a cute town in Capitola and it was a perfect day!  We went around 4pm and my friends went on the board and then it was my turn.  

As I tried and fell in the water, I started to say “I can’t….”and was cut short by Tim my instructor…He said Carrie, I have vertigo, don’t let whatever it is hold you back.  You can’t miss out on this beautiful experience. So I said you are right, tried again and fell and then decided let’s do it Carrie’s way…and I did…dropped on my knees and paddleboarded on my knees…I am so glad Tim told me to try…and oh by the way on your knees is pretty difficult as well…

But what I saw words can’t describe….the sun setting on the water, an octopus swimming to my left, a 4 foot sea otter jumping out of the water right next to me and seals bopping around me all the way…I thought to myself – this is life. I will remember this moment, this complete tranquility, and I always remember I can do anything I put my mind to!  I am so glad I tried, it was such an amazing experience…as we came in Tim asked do you want to try again? Without even thinking, I said yes, and I got up and I did it!  It was so amazing…





I want to thank my friends for believing in me – Maria, Olivia, Gillian – you gave me a gift no one can ever take away from me. I love this adventure you gave me, the gift of feeling so amazing and so one with the ocean – without even knowing this, this experience profoundly changed my life.  Thank you for giving me such a gift!

…and I dedicate this blog to someone I knew whose life was taken too early, Alissa you left us too early…the sunset that I saw over the water was your spirit going to heaven, you were so wonderful and beautiful, your smile will never be forgotten!