February 9, 2011

When I first started doing races, I didn’t understand why people did them. I thought it was boring. But give it a try. If you’re new to the sport, or maybe even an infrequent runner, try it. Once you do it and finish a race, there’s such a feeling of self-accomplishment—that’s really been one thing I’ve taken away from doing running events. Because it’s just you, and you have just yourself to credit for doing what you did. It’s always a great feeling afterward, because you know you did it all yourself.

Mike Bettes, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

I saw this quote the other day and it resonated with me…The last week has been an emotional roller coaster as some of my closest friends are concerned about me running 26.2 miles..The marathon is more than just my own ego or me wanting to prove to everyone that I can do it.  I understand the risks that come with training.  But I made a promise to myself this is not about time or proving anything.  This is about me finishing 26.2 miles and completing a dream for me and the 300,000 people affected with Dystonia.  Dystonia is not a reason to not work out or not try to achieve goals, it is just the way you go about defining and setting those goals.

The Doctor’s today did a segment about dystonia and dbs…I warn you the video is not for the faint of heart…but it is a great resource for those that would like to learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation.  As Alex says in the segment it is not a cure, but it is a way for people who suffer from Dystonia get a reprieve to allow them to function as best as possible in society!


I hope that I can use my running and my passion for life to help raise awareness for this disease and help raise money to fund continuing research and to help find a way to cure Dystonia!