February 9, 2014

Conquering Fears. Believing in MYSELF…asking for help

This weekend I took a ski class with the Disability school in Tahoe and have to say I was SCARED, Nervous and of course started having major self doubt.  I want to SKI, I am dying to learn – so there is only one way to do that, take classes, fall and get up again.  I had heard about the disability ski school during a job interview years ago when this man was telling me about his wife who has Parkinson’s and loves to ski.  He recommended this school because they are trained on the mechanics of the body – how to take your imperfections and work within those limitations.  

So of course, I choose the worse weekend in years to learn.  I said to myself, I don’t care if I am the only one out there I have to start today.  And I did!!!  I had the best instructor, so kind, so patient even though he was so soaked and I kept on telling him one more run!  Every time I kept on thinking this is hard, he would say  – I am so proud of you, look you are skiing!  He was also smart enough to teach me without the poles, allowing me to understand the mechanics of my own body – how to work within my limitations.  So I made a promise to myself, this is THE YEAR!  Thanks Geoff – my most kind and amazing ski instructor who has promised me within 5 days he can get me up the slopes.  So to 2014…slopes watch out, because I am going to learn to conquer you Dystonia and all!! More to follow, I’ll be a skier by May 2014!