April 10, 2014

Train has left the station…

Bags are packed, the same outfit I have worn to every surgery is ready and I am calm. ¬†This surgery has felt a little different for me since I have had to see a deterioration in myself – a decline physically and mentally which produced an emotional result ūüė¶

Everyone has been asking how are you feeling and I have to be honest – scared, nervous, frustrated. ¬†Looking forward to eating ice cream sandwiches, which I never eat except for surgery. ¬†Looking forward to cheating on my diet ūüôā ¬†Not really looking forward to my 6th surgery in 8 years. ¬†I thought I had signed up for a brain surgery and then a battery change every 4-5 years. ¬†So we should theoretically be on the 3rd not the 6th. ¬†I am learning though, life happens. ¬†I can’t control why my past batteries have malfunctioned, I can’t control how fast this battery is declining. ¬†But what I can control is my attitude towards tomorrow and the recovery. ¬†So here goes to a quick and easy battery replacement, to being recharged and renewed and to being positive and brave during the whole process! ¬†Running, pushups and burpees – see you in 6 weeks! ¬†It could be a while before you see me back on here, so wish my luck and thanks to all my readers for being on this journey with me!