September 29, 2010

The energy you exert = the results you expect.  You barely push your work out, you will barely see the results.  Today, I challenged myself, sort of my own Last Chance Workout.  I went to the doctor and was declared bootfree but I still have a slight fracture so we have to strap my foot for the race next week.  I am ready, I realized today — I was my greatest enemy.  I took a spin class at 12:30 then signed up for another at 6:30.  At 6:45, I swore I was going to die, I swore I was going to vomit.  At 6:55 I thought I should just stop…I already went the distance at 12:30.  But then I dug deep, I realized I could do it, I just had to put my effort into the music and into me.  I believed in me…I did this for me…too often in life we do things for others and forget about taking care of ourselves.  I needed to do this for me, to acknowledge my strength and to own that last hill.  This is my journey… a little girl who at age 10 was diagnosed with Dystonia who thought she was going to end up in a wheelchair and today at  35 is reader to conquer one of the toughest races in the country.  My legs are ready, my upper body is ready and I know I have the mental strength to do this!  one week left…..