September 21, 2010

I rarely say that I am that person that just walks home smiling but today was that day! I am so lucky to be healthy and have the opportunity and the determination to put my mind to enter this tough mudder event.  I am so excited to see my training at Equinox pay off.   As I approach my fifth year anniversary of my DBS in six months I am truly thankful for the miracles of science, Medtronic and my amazing doctors – Dr. Tagliati and Dr. Alterman.  And I am truly, truly thankful for Carolyne and Liz for believing in me and being amazing friends!  Lastly, today while doing those final 20 pushups, I realized I was my own greatest enemy and that I could complete those last 20 — 100 pushups done and done!  (well maybe 95)!


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