October 5, 2010…

It’s all about your cheering squad.   It’s all about saying thanks!  With less than 3 days to go before the big race, I would like to say thanks to my squad.  First and foremost my Equinox family – THANK YOU!  This really is the best gym in the country…you can’t get better group fitness classes and facilities but more than those tangible items, its the intangibles.  It is the smile at the front desk in the morning.  It is the staff and instructors that help me modify my training.  I would like to thank the entire staff at 900 North Michigan – Jason, don, lisa, the entire front desk staff, Lois, Julie, Antonio, Michael, Jen, Tonya for all of their amazing classes.  I would like to thank them for helping me dig deep to believe I can do it!  I know that I am ready to attack the race and every time I think I won’t be able to, I will remember my entire Equinox family sitting on my shoulder all believing I can!  When I cross that finish line, I know that I will hear all of them clapping in the stands!  Thank you all for believing in me!

I also want to thank my girls Liz and Carolyne…but that will have to be another blog…after we run through mud, run through fire and climb walls….lets just hope we  don’t break any bones!


One thought on “October 5, 2010…

  1. Carrie…I’m training for my first ever 1/2 marathon in January. You are now my inspiration for completing it!!! Thank you sooooo much for telling your story. I’m so happy you found me on Facebook. Best of luck in your race! You’re gonna rock it, girl! :0)

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