October 6, 2010

This will likely be my last post prior to my toughmudder race.  Here is a link of some photos of the courses from the race…


I am so excited, I am so nervous, but I am ready.  I wish I could have lost those last 5 lbs, done 10 more pushups but I could always be better…But today I can say I am strong enough to get this race completed.  I want to thank everyone for believing in me, for sending me emails and for wishing me luck.

I am happy I had some time off to train and to get stronger.  I always say when I run races that I run for those that can’t…this is different, this is for me…to push my physical and mental strength and to be the owner of my own destiny.  Life is all about taking risks, enjoying the ride and looking back and smiling.  This so far has been an awesome ride…I’ll be thinking of everyone near and dear to me when I cross the finish line soaking in mud …every one of my friends who signed up for the journey on April 4, 2006 and everyone that still continues to believe in me….


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