October 12, 2010

Strength. Courage. Girlfriends.  New friends.  I can do this. You are bigger than this hill every day of your life.

This was tough mudder.  On October 9, 2010 my life changed.  I climbed mountains, I hiked from 6,600 ft to 8,800 ft multiple times, I walked on a cliff around a mountain and I made it.  I climbed fences, I crawled in mud, climbed over trucks, carried logs and I conquered every fear I ever had.  At 8,800 feet I found happiness.  On a complete vertical climb the kindness of strangers helped me physically get through challenges.  From the woman that kept on saying you are bigger than this hill everyday to the man that gave me his hand and said it would be his honor to steady me up the hill, I learned there are plenty of amazing and kind people in this crazy world we live in.

To Liz and Carolyne – We have a new special bond, we are tough mudders despite our need to wear tutus!  I needed both of you to make it to the top and bottom of these amazing mountains.  You were my rocks…You both knew I had IT in me and never let me forget it, from the anaerobic lectures at 8,000 feet to Coach yelling at me and saying dig deep and jump the horse, you were both right – I had it in me and owned it every step of the way.

HB and crew thanks for the amazing hospitality you shared with us…Those orange jumpsuits were a big hit on the course!

And to our new friends – Chris, Markell, Ed and Josh, life always brings you pleasant surprises, you guys were an awesome cheerleading squad to have and now you are part of my crazy adventurous family.  I loved having you guys there on my special day and hope to celebrate many more with you all!

October 9, 2010 – I realized what life is really about – it is realizing that I can do what I want, I am bigger than this disease, and I will never let this disease beat me!  Also I can’t thank everyone enough for believing in me on the days that I doubted myself…I no longer doubt myself on October 9th, I learned I am strong enough to conquer physical and mental obstacles in life!


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