November 21, 2010

Family, sisters, Dystonia.

This week I went on a cruise with my entire family to the Caribbean.  My sister and I share more than just the same parents, we also share a common disease – Dystonia.  We may both have Dystonia, but we have very different lives.  The DBS has been successful, but I can publicly admit, my success has been better.  I forgot after almost 5 years of running how lucky I am and this week as I walked with my sister, I remembered the old days, the days when I was passed by, too afraid to try anything because I was embarrassed or thought I couldn’t do adventurous things…This wasn’t going to happen to Suzie on this trip…I made sure that we did stuff that she knew she could do, maybe with the help of big sis…

I am so proud of Suzie, she didn’t let the Dystonia scare her from being adventurous-she ziplined in a forest in mexico, swam with dolphins in cozumel and worked out with me!  She owned her life this trip, she had fun, we tackled all obstacles as a team….when the ship was ready to leave, I took control and got us a tram because she was tired…Always remember, sometimes 5 minutes in your day or a week to help someone..a helping hand or a simple “you can do this”…can make a world of difference and help someone feel “normal” … creating a lifetime of memories…


4 thoughts on “November 21, 2010

  1. Hi there
    I loved reading this thank you so much for sharing your trip,feelings and relationship. Only yesterday I had a day feeling I hated dystonia ( my little girl Has it ) Im about to run a 9 mile army assault coarse. Myself my mum and brother have raised small amount of money and hopefully lots of awareness for dystonia uk. It’s going to be freezing ! I’ll be thinking of you, suzie my wee lily and so many others every step of the way. If my girls have half the relationship as sisters you have I will be proud beyond belief. Keep going.
    Love and respect Marsela

    1. Hey Marsela
      Like all sisters we have a love hate relationship, we have our fights, but love each other more then we know. Dystonia is that one bond that we can both cannot get rid of or look the other way. Your girls will have a bond like my sister and myself. Give it time as they get older they will form the bond that I have with Carrie now.
      Good luck on your army assult run,

  2. You brought tears to my eyes. I’m proud to call you my sister and have you hold my hand when I needed help. Pushed me in the gym when I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. You have inspired me to get off the couch and get active and push myself and not give up. Love you more than you know it.

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