December 12, 2010

Fortitude.  Frustration. Strength.  Smile.

This weekend has been quite a weekend of learnings – believing in myself and trust in others.  I decided to be honest with my trainer, AJ at Equinox and let her develop a program to help me be stronger in my racing endeavors.  In two short weeks I have seen a difference in gait and balance.  Yesterday despite the Chicago weather I went to the gym for a run.  I accomplished a goal which hasn’t happened in years – I ran 5 miles on a treadmill.  I felt a difference in my gait and my running ability and completed 5 miles…I was so amazed to accomplish this goal!!!  I have yet to stop smiling because I know 2011 is going to be the year!

So as I look back on 2010, I started building the foundation for my future runs…2011 is shaping up to be an amazing race year.  Many friends are going to be out there supporting me and being there for me in multiple races.  I am looking forward to many more muds, many more half marathons and whatever else is in store for 2011.

I can’t do this by myself and won’t.  My cheering squad will be with me all the way- My friends and family make me a better person.  They are all my rocks.  They let me choose my pace and follow.  I am inspired by all of you.

I am planing a big Dystonia run in the Shamrock Shuffle so please reach out to me or the DMRF foundation if you want to help me continue to raise awareness of the disease and help me run for every one that can’t.  Running across the finish line and smiling, there is nothing more to life than that…



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