MAY 16, 2011


I recently watched the movie “Love and Other Drugs”.  The title kept on coming up in random conversations, then I saw anne Hathaway in a picture with some people from the Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation.  I decided I had to see the movie and it was amazing.  It was so raw, so well told.  There are a generation of us like Anne’s character that look “normal” yet are dealing daily with great days and not so great ones.  I was touched by the way she portrayed the tremors, ever so slightly.  I loved the Parkinson’s convention.  We find relief in knowing that there are others like us.  Others so strong, others that laugh everyday.  I think what is so special about people that live with a disease is that they  remember and embrace moments.  The one day the sun came out, the time your friends made you do the dougie, the friend that crossed the finish line with you, the friend that flew into town to celebrate a special day with you or simply a hug when you just needed it. Those days are cherished forever, those are the moments that take you through doctor’s visits or days when you are just having what I like to call a “bad” day!

Bad days aren’t limited to people with rare diseases.  I read an article in a magazine that said kara goucher (one of my race idols) was down for a year due to injury.  It happens to everyone.  This is my lesson for 2011.  Injuries happen. Life happens.  But like Kara, my spirit, will and determination are all still there.  I ran about 3 miles last Sunday and I have to say, the time off allowed me to enjoy the run, appreciate the sun, and how lucky I am….why do I run? I run because I have a gift and I am using that gift to inspire others to walk 10 steps, walk 1 mile or even run a 10k…..set your goal and enjoy the journey getting there!


One thought on “MAY 16, 2011

  1. Wow!! am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I was diagnosed with Dystonia about 2 years ago and it has been so encouraging to read blogs like yours! When I was diagnosed I began running and decided to prove the Drs wrong. It has been touched but I am encouraged. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

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