May 20, 2013

Bay to Breakers – check

First mistake – taking it seriously 🙂  Next year it will be fun with a funny costume:)

So this was my third race in less than 4 weeks and I have to say my body is giving me a signal to take it easy…My foot slightly still hurts and sadly I couldn’t get an appointment to have it checked out before my half marathon…but there I said it, I am running a half marathon 🙂 Couldn’t be more excited, more elated…The last race I ran with the word marathon in it was the Chicago Marathon 2011.  A year later, I remember I had signed up for a half marathon and not only could barely run but was terribly, terribly sick…I knew around that time last fall something was wrong and I didn’t know what…but from that period I learned to never give up..follow your heart, follow your instinct.

So mornings of races I am terribly, terribly quiet and this was raised to my attention yesterday morning.  I am terribly quiet for several reasons, I can never articulate what’s going on in my mind but here goes:

1. I am so grateful I can run again

2. I remember on December 30, 2012 when I could barely make it across a las vegas casino without falling over myself

3. I am crying inside, because I feel so lucky that I have a chance at a second life of  being an athlete.

So where as before it was telling myself it will be okay if I come in last, now it is all about me being somber and quiet that I have seen my handicap come and go in less than 6 months and can barely believe it.  I have a sort of routine that I do nowadays, I watch the video that I posted on Jan 1st and play that video in my head before my race, to remember how bad it was and how great it can be.  So runners, don’t take my silence as one of being grumpy, but simply one of expressing extreme gratitude to myself that I kept on fighting and standing back up when times were tough.

Slightly sad I have to take a little break these last two weeks, but will try to cross train to keep my strength and save it all for my race….

It’s not too late to donate and help others get a second chance at living!



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