October 27, 2013

Stanford Business School…Friendships made forever…

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the best people when I went to business school…and little known secret when I went to school here I was so frustrated – frustrated because I couldn’t ski, hike or do trail runs…but the kindness of these strangers never made me feel less about myself.  Someone always didn’t like one of those activities and stayed behind with me.  What also was an awkward painful part of myself, everyone made the handicapped parking pass – the VIP pass.  They were always rebranding my Dystonia and instead of making me feel any more handicapped or any less worthy to be their friends made me less conscious and quite frankly – cool!  Don’t give me wrong, there were some assholes.  But when I learned that knowledge is power, I would explain why I limped or why I got upset when you used the word “retarded” and then people would change their point of view.  So I used my time at the GSB to be an influencer, to use my skills to influence people to become better.

So here we are 10+ years later and from not being able to walk far to crossing a half marathon finish line.  I am truly excited to be retiring from this journey in the city where I met some of my best friends!!! See you all at the finish line!!!!

It is truly my honor to have you there!

The countdown begins….


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