October 27, 2013

Part Duex…

So today’s run and weather matched my sentiment, cold and dreary…I am starting to feel very sad about the end of my half marathon career.  But as I told someone today, as one door closes another one opens.  I never really set out on this journey to do 5 half marathons.  So in today’s cold, windy run, I started thinking how did this all begin…

2002- ” I still daydream about running a marathon and hope that one day they will find a cure for Dystonia.  What matters most? I want to win this fight.  I want to destroy this monster that has attacked my body.  And if I don’t so be it.” My Stanford Essay – not knowing what the future will hold…

2002 – 2005 – Dystonia worsens…

2006 – Deep Brain Stimulation and first 10K

2007-2008 – Multiple 5Ks and 10Ks

2009 – I decided I was going to run my version of a marathon (because I would never do a full!)  – 2 half marathons with a break in between – Thanks to Liz for Nashville and thanks to Heather for Chicago

2010 – 2 Battery changes and lots of life changes and about 4 stress fractures

2011 – Midnight 5K race, fractured metatarsal, failing battery, another surgery and the Chicago Marathon (as I write this, did that really happen)

2012 – 2 10Ks and many runs in Crissy Field – goal to do a half marathon in November- Battery started failing again, walking with a cane

1/1/2013 – today : Battery replacement, wire change, 2 completed half marathons with a PR on October 20th.

Today’s run – hard, taxing, sad, getting ready for the last, the one that will be the most memorable, running over the GG bridge – one of the prettiest sights in the world, friends, medal, hugs…

When I set out on this journey, I would have never believed the ups and downs of DBS.  I have done more than most have…Running 3 half marathons in one year – seriously a miracle…So this week will be bittersweet…It may be foggy and it may be cold but next Sunday it will be sunny in my heart and soul – I have to say I am truly lucky to have had the luck to spread the word that people who are disabled or crippled can be athletes too…This is me..Carrie – an athlete true to form and as I start my taper week, with knee pains and toe pains (and am aggressively icing)…I am getting very sad and can’t help but cry everyday but on the other hand, I am truly happy that I took that leap of faith to listen to Dr.T and Suzie and fight my Dystonia with DBS.  This year has been a roller coaster for me, but the lesson I truly learned in all of this, is that I want to take care of me and be able to run for the next 50 years!  

To everyone that has been inspired.  Thank you, you have inspired me as well!



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