October 28, 2013

Blessed, Lucky, 6 more days to go

Wow…first of all I had 109 hits today on my blog so all of you reading this today…THANK YOU!!

I want to write today’s blog as a thank you to my parents.  I have so many people I want to thank who have been on this journey with me but the two that are most important to me are mom and dad.  As parents you have been through so much with me and thank you doesn’t even do it justice.  Since I got sick at 11, you did everything to help diagnose this mystery disease…from seeing specialists and coming up with zero answers you never gave up.  Mom, you stayed up with me on countless nights holding me while the disease had me so tense and uncomfortable and just gave me your unconditional love.  You stood by me when I refused to take medicine because “mommy I don’t want to throw up”.  You never discouraged my from trying out for the drill team – you encouraged me and I did it!  You never once discouraged me from doing things, if anything it was always find a way, and I did..you never said, you have Dystonia you can’t…

I wanted to go to UNC and you made it happen.  I wanted to work on Wall Street and you said go for it!  I wanted to go to Stanford and you never doubted I wouldn’t be able to do it.  You never made me feel like i was disabled or that Dystonia held me back…You let me cry when the disease got worse…You were supportive when I still didn’t want to take medicine…You weren’t surprised when I called 2 weeks before and said yup I am going to have brain surgery or for dad the weekend before…Mom, you didn’t think twice about coming to take care of me.  Mom, you came to my little NYC apartment and said first things first we need a vomit bucket 🙂  I remember seeing you as they rolled me into the OR and smiling at me letting me know all was going to be okay.  I remember crying when you left me after the second surgery because I was so scared wondering if I idid the right thing and you looked back at me and said I know you are going to be okay.

And here we are 7 years later…you have seen me run, you have seen me flourish into the person I am today.  This retirement couldn’t have happened without your unconditional love and support.  As much as I have heated discussions with you both (also know as fights) you are two of the kindest people I know and I am happy to call you my parents.  When I run this weekend there will be no point on the course I won’t think about you…I love you mom and dad!


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