October 29, 2013

Countdown continues..Thank you to a special guy in my life!

Today’s blog is dedicated to someone who always has been able to make me smile even at the saddest moments…Dr.T has been a believer in me and has always been supporting me in my choices.  He tried for years to get me to pursue DBS and I refused..Dr.T gave tried to give me medicine and I said with an attitude, “absolutely not, I have a Stanford MBA and will not fall asleep in meetings” and he smiled.  Dr. T never stopped believing in me and the day I walked into his office and can I do brain surgery in two weeks, again he smiled.  Dr. T has always let me come to my own conclusions, never questioned me when I said to him I just don’t feel right…he always responded then something must be wrong.  Dr. T has been so amazing on this journey with me, I owe you so much…there is not enough money in the world to repay you! Dr.T we will run a race together even if it’s just a 10K.  Dr. T thank you so much for believing in me and helping me always get to the right decisions…and always fitting me in, because I like to remind you that I really never want to see you 🙂

I also want to thank every doctor or nurse who have helped me along the way…thanks to Joan, Dr. Malhado Chang, Dr. Alterman, Tyler, my Chicago team, Irene and Bob two of the world’s best anesthesiologists…and everyone along the way. There is not one nurse I can’t thank for taking care of me in post op…There is not one person that doesn’t laugh at my jokes as they wheel me off and there is never anyone when I hop on operating table that gets upset when I ask to go to the bathroom (happens every time) just as I am about to go to sleep.  I know this journey will continue with on going battery changes and potentially broken wires…so I owe everyone that touches me on those surgical days a big thanks!  you always make my day…And those who know me too well.,.surgery days are when I am my calmest…when I know I have to surrender to the people that know best!  This picture and this smile sums it up best…Thank you to all the medical staff that show me love and attention on days when I am most scared!  This run would never happen without each and everyone of you!



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