October 30, 2013

Thats what friends are for…

The people that always had faith in me…always knew I wouldn’t finish last!  Many thanks to the people who helped me in every race.  They all knew when I was in pain when I questioned my own strength and always looked at me and said, you are going to finish this, some a lot more nicer than others 🙂  …  and always wiped a tear off my face when I crossed that finish line…Every finish line reminds me back to the day on April 6th, 2006 when I saw my hair slowly drop to the floor and just kept on telling myself someday you will cross a finish line…So most times when I cry at that line it’s tears of joy not pain….tears that remind me I made one of the best decisions, tears that remind me how lucky I am, tears that remind me how strong I was when I was having two holes drilled in my head that I somehow knew the best was yet to come…

My retirement would not happen without a running career… and there are many people who have helped me get where I am today…

Heather, I always call you my angel.  I told no one where I was having surgery and somehow you showed up at Mt. Sinai right when I got out of surgery.  You took me for my very first walk around Central Park and you ran my very first 10K with me!  But it  But it didn’t stop there…You ran the Chicago half with me, the San Diego half and my very first Tri.  I really have to say…you like punishment!  All kidding aside, thank you!  You have inspired me every step of the way and your words of encouragement truly get me across the line all the time!


Liz, thank you for all of our runs on the WestSide Highway and then my first Half Marathon in Nashville…Then in between Tough Mudder and some how you decided you would do the Chicago Marathon with me, despite having issues with your foot.  But you are such a loyal friend you weren’t going to miss out!  You were there for me that morning and you said to me,  you are going to finish this I know it…I did and I thank you, for those words stuck with me all along the way!


Carolyne– You are definitely one to have in any race…You don’t let me give up, you do the opposite you yell at me like you are my drill captain…and I wish I could take you seriously but I know it’s all in love!  But the highlight of running with you was on New Year’s Eve when I was pretty sure I broke my foot at Mile 2, you decided to sing Runaway by Kanye – Accapella!  No one can sing and run like you!



Jeff – Thanks for the most amazing gift ever!  The Siu Bolts!  Those shoes will forever live in my heart!


Jyoti– Thank you for running the midnight run with Coach and I!  You left the baby at home and it was so fun to have my oldest and dearest friend run with me!  You cracked me up all the way when Carolyne had to take a break when she stopped singing and you took up the entertainment!  So happy to have had you run with me!


Matt- Thank you for being patient with me!  You helped me realize that I can RUN without walking.  You made me realize it wasn’t the Dystonia why I couldn’t run 2 miles without stopping, it was just my laziness!  Thank you for also teaching me that I will NEVER coming last, so stop saying it!


There are countless people I can thank…but these people endured my crazy attitude and helped me along the way to the finish line!

Thanks to all of you for my pre-race morning grumpiness, my fights, my rants that I am going to finish last and looking at me at mile 3 and saying – look at you, you got this!  None of you ever mentioned Dystonia on these long runs, instead you all said Terminator, Vicki, Siu Butt – you are an athlete!  So yes, I have this, I have had more than I ever dream of, but we are only as good as those that support us….So thank all of you for being on such an epic journey one which was never one in my mind, one that I never even dreamed could happen.  I hope you enjoyed the ride on the magic carpet as much as I did…because miracles do happen!


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