November 1, 2013….

48 hours left..

The Finish line really is a finish line this time around!  I have been somewhat melancholy today and reflecting about myself through this blog…I read about many ups and downs and as I start writing about the end.  I have to say I am truly proud of myself..

I was given a miracle and I used that to raise awareness.  I would estimate in the course of my running I have raised over $10,000 with the help of many many friends and generous donors.  I have inspired…I never knew I had that skill..I have inspired handicapped kids, DBS successors and just plain old normal people!  I inspire people when they want to give up at mile 3 that they can do 2 more miles, I inspired a friend that never wanted to do a marathon just qualify for the Boston Marathon and finally, I have inspired myself.  I have seen myself never give up when most people would, I have seen myself say I can never run 7 miles without stopping, and now can run that effortlessly.  

As in life though, all good things come to an end…and I am struggling how to end this journey…how to manage my body in the next 48 hours to calm down, relax and enjoy the end…My nerves and ending something I love is not a good thing for my body…so I am going to try and relax tomorrow…remember the journey and try and know this is all for the best…No need to gamble with the miracle I have been given…until tomorrow whenI write my post for my LAST HALF MARATHON….


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