November 11, 2013

Handicapped…Disabled…Differently Abled

So I have struggled alot about writing this blog, but I think part of this journey is also about educating.  Educating people that disabilities come in all shape, colors and sizes.  So I admit it. I have worn myself out, my body has let me know that it is PISSED at me!  So this weekend I looked for my handy friend Candy Cane, who I kept “just in case”.  It is astounding how one piece of wood, changes the behavior of people.  People are opening doors for me, helping me with chairs, actions they would never take 5 more seconds to do…

So Lesson #1 – open the door for everyone, don’t only do it for people who are disabled, be courteous all the time.

Last night, I decided so I can’t run but I can do Yoga, the Carrie way…take it easy just get on my mat and do my practice, work within my limitations…yet, I had the unfortunate experience to have the yoga teacher tell me I wasn’t trying hard enough…so what started out to be a calming, zen practice ended up being me crying for an hour being reminded of what I can’t do….

So Lesson #2 – don’t assume, just because someone looks “normal” doesn’t mean that they are…I was working as hard as I can as hard as my body could go and yet I got chastised for not working hard enough…

Lesson #3 – Humility, I am humbled by what I am going through right now…Taking the hands of others, being at the mercy of others to help me.

So Dystonia, yet again is showing me lessons and in the process I hope others learn as well….Fingers crossed things will be fine a week from now…

Lesson #4 – optimism, stay positive…


One thought on “November 11, 2013

  1. Hi Carrie, Thanks for continuing to share your experience. I’m sorry to hear that a yoga instructor chastised you. If you feel like a spin class, you might try Dave Dubrow’s Monday night classes at 5:15 and 6:30. He has a very positive attitude, caring spirit. He encourages each student to go his/her own speed. He plays loud music though, so if you don’t like loud, you might not like his class. Are you able to swim comfortably? If so, you might consider Stanford Master’s swimming. Excellent comaraderie.

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