November 10, 2013

Winning! Setbacks! Limitations

So this weekend I declared Snow Weekend in Palo Alto…a weekend on the couch watching movies.  The irony is it mentally hurts me more to sit on the couch than it does to run and physically do damage to my body.  Those two half marathons wrecked my body, I can admit that today sitting from my couch.  But from of all this I learned, I am have limitations, honor them don’t fight them.  For two weeks, I felt like a hero. Like I took Dystonia head on and showed it who was winner…But then last week when my body realized it was all over and my body could be my body again Dystonia took over and showed me who was going to take control of last week.  So things are a little shakey, a little unbalanced, I even broke out the cane yesterday (for if anyone that knows me is a hard thing to do).  But I am optimistic this too will pass and I am confident this could happen again but not under my stupidity.  I am smarter now, I recognize my limitations and acknowledge the setbacks.  

Just like with the marathon, a friend asked would you do this again.  And I have to say yes.  I raised thousands of dollars to build awareness, I made myself happy, I made others really proud,  

So I am still working on what my next chapter of my blog will be because I have gotten several emails to not stop.  That my blog helps us others work harder, be better, so I had never thought growing up with Dystonia those words have been used to describe me, but here we are so many years later and that’s how I am being described – an inspiration.  I am humbled by everyone that has said that to me,…and despite my retirement of half marathons, I am sure I can be inspirational in different ways once this terminator gets her tuneup in a week! 

It doesn’t get old looking at this smile…or remembering to take my shoes off because i was in so much pain, but for everyone that I have ever met with Dystonia, you helped put this smile on my face!



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