December 12, 2013

Mumbles from Happy Feet here she comes…

So I now have had 3 more instances of people asking me if I am slurring or they aren’t understanding me…the hardest is when they are work calls…But the reality is I know one of my batteries is slowly dying its just a waiting game until the machine goes to the magical number so the insurance will pay for the surgery.  So unlike the Carrie of the past that ignores the signs, this time I am being different.  I meditate every morning so on those work calls when someone says you are slurring I don’t understand you, I take a breath in for 2 seconds and breathe out for 2 seconds and try and repeat myself slowly instead of get frustrated.  I bought a “hurricane” a steadier cane, this one has lights too :).  I just want to be ready so when I really get weebly wobbly I have a third leg and again not get frustrated.  Lastly, I got a handicapped parking pass just for when my gait really starts to fall rapidly I am not frustrated that I can’t find parking or have to walk too far.  So this time versus so many others, I am taking it slowly, resting, and not pushing myself.  It is a waiting game, it is inevitable.  But this time I am prepared.  I was a little sad tonight about the speech being such an issue for the last couple of days then I remembered I have to be thankful for the gift I am so lucky to have – the gift of being able to be active.  I am still a miracle, but like everything that is battery operated batteries have to be changed!  So I am going to be as calm and patient as I can be and I have to say I am proud that for the first time I accepted and am prepared!


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