December 19, 2013


Do you all know that dystonia is the 3rd largest movement disorder disease in the US? 1st is Parkinson’s, then essential tremor and the Dystonia.  I often wonder why is Dystonia so uncommon and someone once said because no one famous has ever come out and said I have Dystonia.  It is frustrating because it is more common than we know.  Today when I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if she can tell me which cold medicine won’t interfere with my Dystonia, she said What’s Dystonia? It can be frustrating sometimes…but I have taken the approach don’t get frustrated, get to educating.  I no longer hide behind the Dystonia, I am working to be that famous person to be the face of Dystonia.  To get out there and talk about it and then I remembered this video..

I was so vocal and so open and honest about it.  I am excited of thinking about the many things I can do to spread the word next year… take snowboarding classes, complete a tri, be fit, be healthy and enjoy being active!  I can’t be nothing short of excited to show the world what this terminator can do….and as I reflect I get excited about the next chapter in my life, to write the new chapter of sporty activities in my life!

So despite always shedding a tear of joy when I see this commercial, it takes a village…and between my spirit and seeing media ads such as these I am optimistic the world will learn more and more about Dystonia!


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