March 12, 2014

It takes a village…

It is a week before my next check up and these appointments are always a reminder that I am part science experiment.  In a week, I will know if I need a battery change which as much as I don’t like surgery I will be relieved to have a newer, upgraded device.  This battery is 4+ years old, and it has seen a lot:

1. tough mudder

2. a marathon

3. a tri

4. 3 half marathons

5. Many life changes

It’s been through a lot and as with most hardware devices, it would be a refresher to get a new battery.  It will be great to be able to check my voltage on my own and not constantly worry if I need a battery change.  I am constantly reminded that I am going to need help to recover and post recovery and it will take a village but my village is amazing.  

I was reminded to blog today because I ran into an old friend and she said, you know you are so amazing and so accomplished I am always in awe of your tenacity and every thing you have overcome.  Those words could not have come at a better time, so as I start thinking positively of my appointment next week, so we will know in a week if this battery needs to be changed and if it does so be it!


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