March 20, 2014

Listening to your body.  Knowing yourself.

There are many times, that you know even before the doctor says what the outcome is going to be.  Let’s be real, I am truly a robot.  I have wiring, I have batteries, I need adjustments.  Lately, I have been running slower, being hyper emotional and really exhausted signs I have known before, signs I have ignored before.  This morning I went into the doctor telling him this battery is dying.  I know it…and as much as I have said this before, I truly believed it…The minute the process to check was done, i knew the answer, I saw the body language, i was right.  Not only is it dying but its crashing fast.  So I started to cry, not because I am having surgery, but because I am ready to not be hyper emotional, ready to run, again, ready to be me.  So I share the story, because I want everyone that reads this blog to listen to your body, know the signs.  I may not have had a surgery scheduled in my calendar this morning, but i do now!  I am looking forward to a recharged, rejuvenated Carrie!  As always, I know I will get through this with flying colors and cant wait for a 3.0 upgrade!  Despite having to be sidelined for 6 weeks, I am excited to feel better and be better.




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