March 26, 2014


The countdown begins for so many things….My 8 year anniversary is right around the corner…and so is my battery change.  I have been trying to remain calm about the battery change, because my body doesn’t feel right, though the memory of these symptoms are slightly in my head.  I have given up running due to many falls in the last week.  I am wearing my glasses all the time now.  I am in bed early because my energy level is just low.  My battery is dying and I have accepted it.  

I started the surgery pile – the pink velour track suit that I have worn for the last 8 years was the first thing in the pile 🙂 And as I started thinking about what else I needed, I started thinking about my life in general with Dystonia.  Dystonia has made me appreciate life, though I get frustrated sometimes, I am still looking forward to everyday.  Dystonia, has made me inspire disable and able bodied people to run, to get more physical.  No matter what the pace, you got out there and laced up!  Dystonia has taught me how to deal with setbacks, that racing scheduled I had planned for the next 2 months, scratch that, I’ll be recovering!  But all of you that read this blog has made me a better person.  Dystonia has given us a special community to be a part of…Dystonia makes that finish line even sweeter.  DBS has been a miracle that occurred in my life time, that has allowed me to walk, to run, to dance, to hike and though I take that for granted when I get sidelined like I am now I get very thankful for the miracle of DBS.  DBS has allowed me to not feel my disease progress, as I feel now.  DBS has helped my spread the word of Dystonia.  DBS is a part of me.  So as much as I feel like a cyborg this morning I have to be thankful and will always be thankful.

For everyone that reads this blog, I am like you as well.  I love the good and will make it through the not so good.  When I  am tired now, I sleep.  I am taking care of myself for the next several weeks prior to surgery – no need to prove that I am a hero, when I know that I already am!


One thought on “March 26, 2014

  1. Morning Carrie!
    Sending you so much love and a speedy recovery. You will be Carrie 4.0 in no time. I would love to join you in the Dystonia run. You are amazing!!! Keep rocking!!!

    Maria Karim

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