December 26th, 2010

2010.  Falling, learning, standing stronger. 2011

2010 was such a year of learnings about limitations, modifying, reminding myself I am bigger than this hill everyday and admitting I just can’t do it without my cheering squad.  I am the person I am because of my friends and family, they are my foundation.  They remind me that as much as I am the “Terminator” part robot part human, the human part is the part I need to take care of.  My fan club is my greatest strength of motivation and my best reality check.  Days when I want to pretend that THAT limp isn’t back or I don’t have a slight tremor, they are the ones that remind me to modify and not push.  Humility.

This week I had a tremor episode at work and was so embarrassed at work to be shaky that I started to panic because I didn’t want people to say “OMG, she is such a freak”; of course the complete opposite happened.  Everyone was very encouraging and offered support and words of encouragement.  Lesson learned – getting tremors is part of my Dystonia life.   People don’t think of me any differently.  I need to get unstuck in my own head.  Acceptance.

2010.  Life has a way of giving us gifts that are unplanned.  Where I am and what I have accomplished is not what/where I thought I would be – it is better!  I am challenging myself in new ways – professionally, personally, athletically and growing in ways I didn’t know were still possible.  Open Mind.

As I think about what I want to achieve next year, as always on the list will be the proverbial 10 pounds, to work out every day, but more importantly it is just having an open heart and be open to what life is going to throw in my way every day.  Life is not what says in Outlook, it is what happens every day as I leave my apartment in the morning.  I just need to remember to be true to myself, to be honest with others  and remember that “I am bigger than this hill everyday”.

I would like to thank my mom, dad and sister – Suzie for constantly supporting my crazy ideas and are constantly cheering for me.  Carolyne (“coach”) and Liz(“rev”) for being a part of my Mud adventure, we are bonded by this experience forever.  Both of you crazy chicks constantly carry me to the finish line and you believed in me when everyone else just thought “give it a shot”; you both knew I could do it.   The 900 NM Equinox team – Jason, Drew, AJ, Dawn and the rest of the team, you encourage me to dream bigger every day.  Thanks to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation for believing in me and allowing me to run these races on behalf of your foundation.  Thanks.

2010 – You were great! 2011 I KNOW you are going to be amazing!!!!!