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August 20, 2010

Tomorrow is my first 10K of the year!!! I am so excited…I am wearing 6 Dystance for Dystonia pins and excited that tomorrow starts the first race of many for me this summer/fall!!!  There is nothing more exciting than making a race mix on my IPOD, getting my outfit ready and thinking about tomorrow’s finish line!  I know I am going to cross that finish line and get goose bumps as always…this is never about time, but it is always about running because I CAN!!!

August 18, 2010

My fan club..that’s my inspiration daily to get it done!  I love working out because I can.  Others complain and moan about it, I love heading to the gym every day because it is my second home, my family!  Everyday when I walk into an Equinox to get my daily workout, I look forward to seeing the faces of Jason, Rayme, Lois, Tonya, Don, Fabienne, Lisa, their smiles greet me to my second home!  To the minute I am told to “have a great workout”, I get down to business.  My half marathon is in less than a month and I am running for everyone that can’t.  But on  a daily basis, the team at Equinox gets me going, they make me want to go back..they cheer me on!  and for that I am thankful!  Find your daily cheering squad, it makes it more fun!  and to the Equinox 900 team…thank you, you inspire me and make me want to be a better athlete!!!

August 15, 2010

New beginnings, learning to let go…sometimes running just doesn’t help you solve all your problems but it does help you clear your head.  I had a bad fitness week last week and definitely feel like i am on a slow train to a stress fracture but going to start icing.  also going on a 12 day detox…to help me drop some weight which will take some pressure off my foot.  Mud is right around the corner, but my 10k is this week…lots to do, lots to think about and lots to achieve for myself this week!

Happy running this week!

August 2nd, 2010

Happy anniversary!  Today marks a year ago that I finished my first “marathon”.  As always I am always redefining my personal best!  It is time for me to brush off those Siu Bolts and start racing again..So here are the races planned for 2010 so far…

1) August 21 – 10K

2) Sept 12th – chicago half marathon

3) Sept 25th – 10K

4) October 9th – Tough mudder!!!

I am so happy and so thrilled to have friends and family that support me in my journey and that is what keeps me going.  Every morning I get up I define my fitness goals.  Achieving those goals isn’t about me, it is for those kids and adults that aren’t lucky as I am to have a second chance at life.  So here goes a public log of my own journey to try to run 20 half marathons in the next 5 years!  If you see me running please shout out my name!